What is a repositorium?

The repositorium is a searchable database that provides data on relevant articles from journals, company web pages and web pages of governmental agencies about studies/applications of genome-editing in model plants and agricultural crops in the period January 1996 to May 2018. Search options are article type, technique, plant, traits or free text. The repositorium is based on the systematic map of Dominik Modrzejewski et al., published in the journal environmental evidence. (Download article PDF).

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ID Reference Title Year plant_species genome_editing_technique
51 Journal Article Localized egg-cell expression of effector proteins for targeted modification of the Arabidopsis genome
Even-Faitelson, Liron; Samach, Aviva; Melamed-Bessudo, Cathy; ...
2011 Arabidopsis thaliana Zinc-finger nucleases Details
52 Journal Article In planta gene targeting
Fauser, Friedrich; Roth, Nadine; Pacher, Michael; Ilg, Gabriele; ...
2012 Arabidopsis thaliana Meganucleases Details
53 Journal Article Both CRISPR/Cas-based nucleases and nickases can be used efficiently for genome engineering in Arabidopsis thaliana
Fauser, Friedrich; Schiml, Simon; Puchta, Holger
2014 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
54 Journal Article Efficient Targeted Genome Modification in Maize Using CRISPR/Cas9 System
Feng, Chao; Yuan, Jing; Wang, Rui; Liu, Yang; Birchler, James A.; Han, ...
2016 Zea mays CRISPR/Cas9 Details
55 Journal Article Multigeneration analysis reveals the inheritance, specificity, and patterns of CRISPR/Cas-induced gene modifications in Arabidopsis
Feng, Zhengyan; Mao, Yanfei; Xu, Nanfei; Zhang, Botao; Wei, Pengliang; ...
2014 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
56 Journal Article Efficient genome editing in plants using a CRISPR/Cas system
Feng, Zhengyan; Zhang, Botao; Ding, Wona; Liu, Xiaodong; Yang, ...
2013 Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
57 Journal Article Germline-transmitted genome editing in Arabidopsis thaliana Using TAL-effector-nucleases
Forner, Joachim; Pfeiffer, Anne; Langenecker, Tobias; Manavella, Pablo ...
2015 Arabidopsis thaliana TALENs Details
58 Journal Article Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases (TALEN)-Mediated Targeted DNA Insertion in Potato Plants
Forsyth, Adrienne; Weeks, Troy; Richael, Craig; Duan, Hui
2016 Solanum tuberosum, Nicotiana benthamiana TALENs Details
59 Journal Article Heritable targeted mutagenesis in maize using a designed endonuclease
Gao, Huirong; Smith, Jeff; Yang, Meizhu; Jones, Spencer; Djukanovic, ...
2010 Zea mays Meganucleases Details
60 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted mutagenesis in Nicotiana tabacum
Gao, Junping; Wang, Genhong; Ma, Sanyuan; Xie, Xiaodong; Wu, Xiangwei; ...
2015 Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
61 Journal Article An Effective Strategy for Reliably Isolating Heritable and Cas9-Free Arabidopsis Mutants Generated by CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing
Gao, Xiuhua; Chen, Jilin; Dai, Xinhua; Zhang, Da; Zhao, Yunde
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
62 Journal Article Auxin binding protein 1 (ABP1) is not required for either auxin signaling or Arabidopsis development
Gao, Yangbin; Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Da; Dai, Xinhua; Estelle, Mark; Zhao, ...
2015 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
63 Journal Article High-efficiency gene targeting in hexaploid wheat using DNA replicons and CRISPR/Cas9
Gil-Humanes, Javier; Wang, Yanpeng; Liang, Zhen; Shan, Qiwei; Ozuna, ...
2017 Triticum aestivum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
64 Contribution in… Oligo-Mediated Targeted Gene Editing
Gocal, Greg F. W.; Schöpke, Christian; Beetham, Peter R.
2015 Arabidopsis thaliana, Brassica napus Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis Details
65 Journal Article True-breeding targeted gene knock-out in barley using designer TALE-nuclease in haploid cells
Gurushidze, Maia; Hensel, Goetz; Hiekel, Stefan; Schedel, Sindy; ...
2014 Hordeum vulgare TALENs Details
66 Journal Article An Efficient Visual Screen for CRISPR/Cas9 Activity in Arabidopsis thaliana
Hahn, Florian; Mantegazza, Otho; Greiner, André; Hegemann, Peter; ...
2017 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
67 Journal Article Establishment of a tobacco BY2 cell line devoid of plant-specific xylose and fucose as a platform for the production of biotherapeutic proteins
Hanania, Uri; Ariel, Tami; Tekoah, Yoram; Fux, Liat; Sheva, Maor; ...
2017 Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
68 Journal Article A reduction of sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) activity affects sucrose/starch ratio in leaves but does not inhibit normal plant growth in rice
Hashida, Yoichi; Hirose, Tatsuro; Okamura, Masaki; Hibara, Ken-Ichiro; ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
69 Journal Article Improved soybean oil quality by targeted mutagenesis of the fatty acid desaturase 2 gene family
Haun, William; Coffman, Andrew; Clasen, Benjamin M.; Demorest, Zachary ...
2014 Glycine Max TALENs Details
70 Journal Article A novel arrangement of zinc finger nuclease system for in vivo targeted genome engineering: The tomato LEC1-LIKE4 gene case
Hilioti, Zoe; Ganopoulos, Ioannis; Ajith, Sabna; Bossis, Ioannis; ...
2016 Solanum lycopersicum Zinc-finger nucleases Details
71 Journal Article Transient Expression of Virally Delivered Meganuclease In Planta Generates Inherited Genomic Deletions
Honig, Arik; Marton, Ira; Rosenthal, Michal; Smith, J. Jeff; ...
2015 Nicotiana alata Meganucleases Details
72 Journal Article Expanding the Range of CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing in Rice
Hu, Xixun; Wang, Chun; Fu, Yaping; Liu, Qing; Jiao, Xiaozhen; Wang, ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
73 Journal Article Targeted mutagenesis in rice using CRISPR-Cpf1 system
Hu, Xixun; Wang, Chun; Liu, Qing; Fu, Yaping; Wang, Kejian
2017 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cpf1 Details
74 Journal Article Site-directed mutagenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana using dividing tissue-targeted RGEN of the CRISPR/Cas system to generate heritable null alleles
Hyun, Youbong; Kim, Jungeun; Cho, Seung Woo; Choi, Yeonhee; Kim, ...
2015 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
75 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing of rubber producing dandelion Taraxacum kok-saghyz using Agrobacterium rhizogenes without selection
Iaffaldano, Brian; Zhang, Yingxiao; Cornish, Katrina
2016 Taraxacum kok-saghyz CRISPR/Cas9 Details
76 Journal Article Generation of artificial drooping leaf mutants by CRISPR-Cas9 technology in rice
Ikeda, Takuyuki; Tanaka, Wakana; Mikami, Masafumi; Endo, Masaki; ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
77 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9 in rice can induce new mutations in later generations, leading to chimerism and unpredicted segregation of the targeted mutation
Ishizaki, Takuma
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
78 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of the RIN locus that regulates tomato fruit ripening
Ito, Yasuhiro; Nishizawa-Yokoi, Ayako; Endo, Masaki; Mikami, Masafumi; ...
2015 Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
79 Journal Article Targeted genome modifications in soybean with CRISPR/Cas9
Jacobs, Thomas B.; LaFayette, Peter R.; Schmitz, Robert J.; Parrott, ...
2015 Glycine Max CRISPR/Cas9 Details
80 Journal Article Genetic chimerism of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated rice mutants
Jang, Geupil; Lee, Sangyool; Um, Tae Young; Chang, Sun Hyun; Lee, Han ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
81 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted mutagenesis in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Janga, Madhusudhana R.; Campbell, LeAnne M.; Rathore, Keerti S.
2017 Gossypium hirsutum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
82 Journal Article Establishing a CRISPR-Cas-like immune system conferring DNA virus resistance in plants
Ji, Xiang; Zhang, Huawei; Zhang, Yi; Wang, Yanpeng; Gao, Caixia
2015 Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
83 Journal Article Modification of the PthA4 effector binding elements in Type I CsLOB1 promoter using Cas9/sgRNA to produce transgenic Duncan grapefruit alleviating XccΔpthA4:dCsLOB1.3 infection
Jia, Hongge; Orbovic, Vladimir; Jones, Jeffrey B.; Wang, Nian
2016 Citrus paradisi CRISPR/Cas9 Details
84 Journal Article Xcc-facilitated agroinfiltration of citrus leaves
Jia, Hongge; Wang, Nian
2014 Citrus paradisi CRISPR/Cas9 Details
85 Journal Article Targeted genome editing of sweet orange using Cas9/sgRNA
Jia, Hongge; Wang, Nian
2014 Citrus sinensis CRISPR/Cas9 Details
86 Journal Article Genome editing of the disease susceptibility gene CsLOB1 in citrus confers resistance to citrus canker
Jia, Hongge; Zhang, Yunzeng; Orbović, Vladimir; Xu, Jin; White, Frank ...
2017 Citrus paradisi CRISPR/Cas9 Details
87 Journal Article The cbfs triple mutants reveal the essential functions of CBFs in cold acclimation and allow the definition of CBF regulons in Arabidopsis
Jia, Yuxin; Ding, Yanglin; Shi, Yiting; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Gong, ...
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
88 Journal Article Significant enhancement of fatty acid composition in seeds of the allohexaploid, Camelina sativa, using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing
Jiang, Wen Zhi; Henry, Isabelle M.; Lynagh, Peter G.; Comai, Luca; ...
2017 Arabidopsis thaliana, Camelina sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
89 Journal Article Successful transient expression of Cas9 and single guide RNA genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Jiang, Wenzhi; Brueggeman, Andrew J.; Horken, Kempton M.; Plucinak, ...
2014 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CRISPR/Cas9 Details
90 Journal Article Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in Arabidopsis thaliana and inheritance of modified genes in the T2 and T3 generations
Jiang, Wenzhi; Yang, Bing; Weeks, Donald P.
2014 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
91 Journal Article Demonstration of CRISPR/Cas9/sgRNA-mediated targeted gene modification in Arabidopsis, tobacco, sorghum and rice
Jiang, Wenzhi; Zhou, Huanbin; Bi, Honghao; Fromm, Michael; Yang, Bing; ...
2013 Arabidopsis thaliana, Sorghum bicolor, Oryza sativa, Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
92 Journal Article Comparative assessments of CRISPR-Cas nucleases’ cleavage efficiency in planta
Johnson, Ross A.; Gurevich, Vyacheslav; Filler, Shdema; Samach, Aviva; ...
2014 Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana benthamiana, Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
93 Journal Article A rapid assay to quantify the cleavage efficiency of custom-designed nucleases in planta
Johnson, Ross A.; Gurevich, Vyacheslav; Levy, Avraham A.
2013 Nicotiana benthamiana TALENs, Zinc-finger nucleases Details
94 Journal Article TALEN mediated targeted mutagenesis of the caffeic acid O-methyltransferase in highly polyploid sugarcane improves cell wall composition for production of bioethanol
Jung, Je Hyeong; Altpeter, Fredy
2016 Saccharum spp.hybrids TALENs Details
95 Journal Article Highly specific targeted mutagenesis in plants using Staphylococcus aureus Cas9
Kaya, Hidetaka; Mikami, Masafumi; Endo, Akira; Endo, Masaki; Toki, ...
2016 Oryza sativa, Nicotiana tabacum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
96 Journal Article A simple, flexible and high-throughput cloning system for plant genome editing via CRISPR-Cas system
Kim, Hyeran; Kim, Sang-Tae; Ryu, Jahee; Choi, Min Kyung; Kweon, ...
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana attenuata CRISPR/Cas9 Details
97 Journal Article CRISPR/Cpf1-mediated DNA-free plant genome editing
Kim, Hyeran; Kim, Sang-Tae; Ryu, Jahee; Kang, Beum-Chang; Kim, ...
2017 Glycine Max, Nicotiana attenuata CRISPR/Cpf1 Details
98 Journal Article Tomato facultative parthenocarpy results from SlAGAMOUS-LIKE 6 loss of function
Klap, Chen; Yeshayahou, Ester; Bolger, Anthony M.; Arazi, Tzahi; ...
2017 Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
99 Journal Article Chimeric RNA/DNA oligonucleotide-based site-specific modification of the tobacco acetolactate syntase gene
Kochevenko, Andrej; Willmitzer, Lothar
2003 nicotiana tabacum Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis Details
100 Journal Article A modular gene targeting system for sequential transgene stacking in plants
Kumar, Sandeep; AlAbed, Diaa; Worden, Andrew; Novak, Stephen; Wu, ...
2015 Zea mays Zinc-finger nucleases Details