What is a repositorium?

The repositorium is a searchable database that provides data on relevant articles from journals, company web pages and web pages of governmental agencies about studies/applications of genome-editing in model plants and agricultural crops in the period January 1996 to May 2018. Search options are article type, technique, plant, traits or free text. The repositorium is based on the systematic map of Dominik Modrzejewski et al., published in the journal environmental evidence. (Download article PDF).

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ID Reference Title Year plant_species genome_editing_technique
251 Journal Article PtoMYB156 is involved in negative regulation of phenylpropanoid metabolism and secondary cell wall biosynthesis during wood formation in poplar
Yang, Li; Zhao, Xin; Ran, Lingyu; Li, Chaofeng; Di Fan; Luo, Keming
2017 Populus tomentosa Carr. CRISPR/Cas9 Details
252 Journal Article Targeted mutagenesis in the progeny of maize transgenic plants
Yang, Meizhu; Djukanovic, Vesna; Stagg, Jessica; Lenderts, Brian; ...
2009 Zea mays Meganucleases Details
253 Journal Article A geminivirus-based guide RNA delivery system for CRISPR/Cas9 mediated plant genome editing
Yin, Kangquan; Han, Ting; Liu, Guang; Chen, Tianyuan; Wang, Ying; Yu, ...
2015 Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
254 Journal Article Both maternally and paternally imprinted genes regulate seed development in rice
Yuan, Jingya; Chen, Sushu; Jiao, Wu; Wang, Longfei; Wang, Limei; Ye, ...
2017 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
255 Journal Article Creation of targeted inversion mutations in plants using an RNA-guided endonuclease
Zhang, Congsheng; Liu, Changlin; Weng, Jianfeng; Cheng, Beijiu; Liu, ...
2017 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
256 Journal Article High frequency targeted mutagenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana using zinc finger nucleases
Zhang, Feng; Maeder, Morgan L.; Unger-Wallace, Erica; Hoshaw, Justin ...
2010 Arabidopsis thaliana Zinc-finger nucleases Details
257 Journal Article MISSA 2.0: An updated synthetic biology toolbox for assembly of orthogonal CRISPR/Cas systems
Zhang, Hai-Yan; Wang, Xing-Hui; Dong, Li; Wang, Zhi-Ping; Liu, Bing; ...
2017 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
258 Journal Article TALEN-mediated targeted mutagenesis produces a large variety of heritable mutations in rice
Zhang, Hui; Gou, Feng; Zhang, Jinshan; Liu, Wenshan; Li, Qianqian; ...
2016 Oryza sativa TALENs Details
259 Journal Article The CRISPR/Cas9 system produces specific and homozygous targeted gene editing in rice in one generation
Zhang, Hui; Zhang, Jinshan; Wei, Pengliang; Zhang, Botao; Gou, Feng; ...
2014 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
260 Journal Article Efficient and transgene-free genome editing in wheat through transient expression of CRISPR/Cas9 DNA or RNA
Zhang, Yi; Liang, Zhen; Zong, Yuan; Wang, Yanpeng; Liu, Jinxing; Chen, ...
2016 Triticum aestivum, Triticum turgidum L. var. Durum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
261 Journal Article Transcription activator-like effector nucleases enable efficient plant genome engineering
Zhang, Yong; Zhang, Feng; Li, Xiaohong; Baller, Joshua A.; Qi, Yiping; ...
2013 Nicotiana tabacum TALENs Details
262 Journal Article A multiplex CRISPR/Cas9 platform for fast and efficient editing of multiple genes in Arabidopsis
Zhang, Zhengjing; Mao, Yanfei; Ha, Si; Liu, Wenshan; Botella, Jose ...
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
263 Journal Article Mutational Evidence for the Critical Role of CBF Transcription Factors in Cold Acclimation in Arabidopsis
Zhao, Chunzhao; Zhang, Zhengjing; Xie, Shaojun; Si, Tong; Li, Yuanya; ...
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
264 Journal Article An alternative strategy for targeted gene replacement in plants using a dual-sgRNA/Cas9 design
Zhao, Yongping; Zhang, Congsheng; Liu, Wenwen; Gao, Wei; Liu, ...
2016 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
265 Journal Article Effective screen of CRISPR/Cas9-induced mutants in rice by single-strand conformation polymorphism
Zheng, Xuelian; Yang, Shixin; Zhang, Dengwei; Zhong, Zhaohui; Tang, ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
266 Journal Article Development of Commercial Thermo-sensitive Genic Male Sterile Rice Accelerates Hybrid Rice Breeding Using the CRISPR/Cas9-mediated TMS5 Editing System
Zhou, Hai; He, Ming; Li, Jing; Chen, Liang; Huang, Zhifeng; Zheng, ...
2016 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
267 Journal Article Large chromosomal deletions and heritable small genetic changes induced by CRISPR/Cas9 in rice
Zhou, Huanbin; Liu, Bo; Weeks, Donald P.; Spalding, Martin H.; Yang, ...
2014 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
268 Journal Article Gene targeting by the TAL effector PthXo2 reveals cryptic resistance gene for bacterial blight of rice
Zhou, Junhui; Peng, Zhao; Long, Juying; Sosso, Davide; Liu, Bo; Eom, ...
2015 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
269 Journal Article Exploiting SNPs for biallelic CRISPR mutations in the outcrossing woody perennial Populus reveals 4-coumarate:CoA ligase specificity and redundancy
Zhou, Xiaohong; Jacobs, Thomas B.; Xue, Liang-Jiao; Harding, Scott A.; ...
2015 Populus trichocarpa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
270 Journal Article Efficiency and Inheritance of Targeted Mutagenesis in Maize Using CRISPR-Cas9
Zhu, Jinjie; Song, Ning; Sun, Silong; Yang, Weilong; Zhao, Haiming; ...
2016 Zea mays CRISPR/Cas9 Details
271 Journal Article Engineering herbicide-resistant maize using chimeric RNA/DNA oligonucleotides
Zhu, T.; Mettenburg, K.; Peterson, D. J.; Tagliani, L.; Baszczynski, ...
2000 Zea mays Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis Details
272 Journal Article Targeted manipulation of maize genes in vivo using chimeric RNA/DNA oligonucleotides
Zhu, T.; Peterson, D. J.; Tagliani, L.; St. Clair, G.; Baszczynski, C. ...
1999 Zea mays Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis Details
273 Journal Article Precise base editing in rice, wheat and maize with a Cas9-cytidine deaminase fusion
Zong, Yuan; Wang, Yanpeng; Li, Chao; Zhang, Rui; Chen, Kunling; Ran, ...
2017 Zea mays, Oryza sativa, Triticum aestivum Base-editing Details
274 Journal Article Production of high oleic/low linoleic rice by genome editing
Abe, Kiyomi; Araki, Etsuko; Suzuki, Yasuhiro; Toki, Seiichi; SAIKA, ...
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
275 Journal Article Further insight into the role of KAN1, a member of KANADI transcription factor family in rice
Adedze, Yawo Mawunyo Nevame; Feng, Baobing; Shi, Lei; Sheng, Zhonghua; ...
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
276 Journal Article Pea early-browning virus -mediated genome editing via the CRISPR/Cas9 system in Nicotiana benthamiana and Arabidopsis
Ali, Zahir; Eid, Ayman; Ali, Shakila; Mahfouz, Magdy M.
2018 Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana benthamiana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
277 Journal Article Genome editing in potato via CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoprotein delivery
Andersson, Mariette; Turesson, Helle; Olsson, Niklas; Fält, Ann-Sofie; ...
2018 Solanum tuberosum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
278 Journal Article High-Resolution Analysis of the Efficiency, Heritability, and Editing Outcomes of CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Modifications of NCED4 in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
Bertier, Lien D.; Ron, Mily; Huo, Heqiang; Bradford, Kent J.; Britt, ...
2018 Lactuca sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
279 Journal Article Impaired phloem loading in zmsweet13a,b,c sucrose transporter triple knock-out mutants in Zea mays
Bezrutczyk, Margaret; Hartwig, Thomas; Horschman, Marc; Char, Si Nian; ...
2018 Zea mays CRISPR/Cas9 Details
280 Journal Article Targeted mutagenesis in wheat microspores using CRISPR/Cas9
Bhowmik, Pankaj; Ellison, Evan; Polley, Brittany; Bollina, Venkatesh; ...
2018 Triticum aestivum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
281 Journal Article CRISPR-Cas9 Targeted Mutagenesis Leads to Simultaneous Modification of Different Homoeologous Gene Copies in Polyploid Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus)
Braatz, Janina; Harloff, Hans-Joachim; Mascher, Martin; Stein, Nils; ...
2017 Brassica napus CRISPR/Cas9 Details
282 Journal Article Developing a flexible, high-efficiency Agrobacterium -mediated sorghum transformation system with broad application
Che, Ping; Anand, Ajith; Wu, Emily; Sander, Jeffry D.; Simon, Marissa ...
2018 Sorghum bicolor CRISPR/Cas9 Details
283 Journal Article Evidence for a specific and critical role of mitogen-activated protein kinase 20 in uni-to-binucleate transition of microgametogenesis in tomato
Chen, Lifei; Yang, Dandan; Zhang, Youwei; Wu, Limin; Zhang, Yaoyao; ...
2018 Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
284 Journal Article A method for the production and expedient screening of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated non-transgenic mutant plants
Chen, Longzheng; Li, Wei; Katin-Grazzini, Lorenzo; Ding, Jing; Gu, ...
2018 Nicotiana tabacum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
285 Journal Article Efficient in planta gene targeting in tomato using geminiviral replicons and the CRISPR/Cas9 system
Dahan-Meir, Tal; Filler-Hayut, Shdema; Melamed-Bessudo, Cathy; ...
2018 Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
286 Journal Article Efficient generation of pink-fruited tomatoes using CRISPR/Cas9 system
Deng, Lei; Wang, Hang; Sun, Chuanlong; Li, Qian; Jiang, Hongling; Du, ...
2018 Solanum lycopersicum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
287 Journal Article Engineering Introns to Express RNA Guides for Cas9- and Cpf1-Mediated Multiplex Genome Editing
Ding, Dan; Chen, Kaiyuan; Chen, Yuedan; Li, Hong; Xie, Kabin
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9, CRISPR/Cpf1 Details
288 Journal Article Highly efficient heritable targeted deletions of gene clusters and non-coding regulatory regions in Arabidopsis using CRISPR/Cas9
Durr, Julius; Papareddy, Ranjith; Nakajima, Keiji; Gutierrez-Marcos, ...
2018 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
289 Journal Article Variation in Mutation Spectra Among CRISPR/Cas9 Mutagenized Poplars
Elorriaga, Estefania; Klocko, Amy L.; Ma, Cathleen; Strauss, Steven H.
2018 Populus tomentosa Carr. CRISPR/Cas9 Details
290 Journal Article High-efficiency genome editing using a dmc1 promoter-controlled CRISPR/Cas9 system in maize
Feng, Chao; Su, Handong; Bai, Han; Wang, Rui; Liu, Yalin; Guo, ...
2018 Zea mays CRISPR/Cas9 Details
291 Journal Article Transient Expression of CRISPR/Cas9 Machinery Targeting TcNPR3 Enhances Defense Response in Theobroma cacao
Fister, Andrew S.; Landherr, Lena; Maximova, Siela N.; Guiltinan, Mark ...
2018 Theobroma cacao CRISPR/Cas9 Details
292 Journal Article CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Mutagenesis of Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase 8 (CCD8) in Tobacco Affects Shoot and Root Architecture
Gao, Junping; Zhang, Tong; Xu, Bingxin; Jia, Ling; Xiao, Bingguang; ...
2018 Nicotiana tabacum CRISPR/Cas9 Details
293 Journal Article Gene editing by CRISPR/Cas9 in the obligatory outcrossing Medicago sativa
Gao, Ruimin; Feyissa, Biruk A.; Croft, Mana; Hannoufa, Abdelali
2018 Medicago sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
294 Journal Article A chromatin loop represses WUSCHEL expression in Arabidopsis
Guo, Lin; Cao, Xiuwei; Liu, Yuhao; Li, Jun; Li, Yongpeng; Li, ...
2018 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
295 Journal Article Homology-Directed Repair of a Defective Glabrous Gene in Arabidopsis With Cas9-Based Gene Targeting
Hahn, Florian; Eisenhut, Marion; Mantegazza, Otho; Weber, Andreas P. ...
2018 Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9 Details
296 Journal Article A Versatile Vector Toolkit for Functional Analysis of Rice Genes
He, Feng; Zhang, Fan; Sun, Wenxian; Ning, Yuese; Wang, Guo-Liang
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
297 Journal Article FRUCTOKINASE-LIKE PROTEIN 1 interacts with TRXz to regulate chloroplast development in rice
He, Lei; Zhang, Sen; Qiu, Zhennan; Zhao, Juan; Nie, Wendan; Lin, ...
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
298 Journal Article Increasing the efficiency of CRISPR-Cas9-VQR precise genome editing in rice
Hu, Xixun; Meng, Xiangbing; Liu, Qing; Li, Jiayang; Wang, Kejian
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
299 Journal Article A Novel QTL q TGW3 Encodes the GSK3/SHAGGY-Like Kinase OsGSK5/OsSK41 that Interacts with OsARF4 to Negatively Regulate Grain Size and Weight in Rice
Hu, Zejun; Lu, Sun-Jie; Wang, Mei-Jing; He, Haohua; Le Sun; Wang, ...
2018 Oryza sativa CRISPR/Cas9 Details
300 Journal Article Precise A·T to G·C Base Editing in the Rice Genome
Hua, Kai; Tao, Xiaoping; Yuan, Fengtong; Wang, Dong; Zhu, Jian-Kang
2018 Oryza sativa Base-editing Details