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Intact Arabidopsis RPB1 functions in stem cell niches maintenance and cell cycling control

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Journal Article / 2018


Zhang, Qian-Qian; Li, Ying; Fu, Zhao-Ying; liu, Xun-Biao; Yuan, Kai; Fang, Ying; Liu, Yan; Li, Gang; Zhang, Xian-Sheng; Chong, Kang; Ge, Lei


Plant meristem activity depends on accurate execution of transcriptional networks required for establishing optimum functioning of stem cell niches. An Arabidopsis mutant card1-1 (constitutive auxin response with DR5:GFP) that encodes a truncated RPB1 (RNA Polymerase II’s largest subunit) with shortened C-terminal domain (CTD) was identified. Phosphorylation of the CTD repeats of RPB1 is coupled to transcription in eukaryotes. Here we uncover that the truncated CTD of RPB1 disturbed cell cycling and enlarged the size of shoot and root meristem. The defects in patterning of root stem cell niche in card1-1 indicates that intact CTD of RPB1 is necessary for fine-tuning the specific expression of genes responsible for cell-fate determination. The gene-edited plants with different CTD length of RPB1, created by CRISPR-CAS9 technology, confirmed that both the full length and the DK-rich tail of RPB1’s CTD play roles in the accurate transcription of CYCB1;1 encoding a cell-cycle marker protein in root meristem and hence participate in maintaining root meristem size. Our experiment proves that the intact RPB1 CTD is necessary for stem cell niche maintenance, which is mediated by transcriptional regulation of cell cycling genes.

Arabidopsis; cell cycling; RPB1; stem cell niche.
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903 Ge, Lei
Arabidopsis thaliana CRISPR/Cas9
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