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Developing a flexible, high-efficiency Agrobacterium -mediated sorghum transformation system with broad application

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Journal Article / 2018


Che, Ping; Anand, Ajith; Wu, Emily; Sander, Jeffry D.; Simon, Marissa K.; Zhu, Weiwei; Sigmund, Amy L.; Zastrow-Hayes, Gina; Miller, Michael; Liu, Donglong; Lawit, Shai J.; Zhao, Zuo-Yu; Albertsen, Marc C.; Jones, Todd J.

Sorghum is the fifth most widely planted cereal crop in the world and is commonly cultivated in arid and semi-arid regions such as Africa. Despite its importance as a food source, sorghum genetic improvement through transgenic approaches has been limited because of an inefficient transformation system. Here, we report a ternary vector (also known as cohabitating vector) system using a recently described pVIR accessory plasmid that facilitates efficient Agrobacteriummediated transformation of sorghum. We report regeneration frequencies ranging from 6% to 29% in Tx430 using different selectable markers and single copy, backbone free ‘quality events’ ranging from 45% to 66% of the total events produced. Furthermore, we successfully applied this ternary system to develop transformation protocols for popular but recalcitrant African varieties including Macia, Malisor 84-7 and Tegemeo. In addition, we report the use of this technology to develop the first stable CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene knockouts in Tx430.
Africa sorghum varieties; Agrobacterium; CRISPR/Cas9.; genome modification; sorghum transformation; ternary vector
Plant Biotechnol J (Plant Biotechnology Journal)
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676 Che, Ping
Sorghum bicolor CRISPR/Cas9
Important function in chromosome segregation
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